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Cramer’s 8-Point Plan for Rebuilding America

That’s where Cramer comes in. He found eight ways to put Americans back to work, which just might fix health care and save the environment in the process. He called it his “Capitalist Manifesto,” an ode to a lesser treatise that history has since rejected.

Build a network of natural-gas pipelines and subsidize natural-gas cars. “That would put millions of people to work,” Cramer said, and the much cleaner fuel would postpone the need for President Obama’s cap-and-trade bill.

Build new infrastructure. Sewers, aqueducts, bridges – whatever needs to be built or rebuilt. This is a “surefire job creator,” Cramer said.

Here’s the Mad Money host’s plan for health care: Create three national, competing private providers and subsidize them so new hires don’t cost as much. Between the competition and subsidies, Cramer said, businesses won’t have to commit to paying huge benefits packages, which “currently makes it difficult to hire new workers because workers are so expensive.”

Redeploy all US troops from Germany, South Korea and Japan back home. “The Cold War’s been over for almost 20 years,” Cramer said. The Army Corp. of Engineers would be better used driving his proposed infrastructure projects.

Pay businesses a bounty for taking on new employees. It’s much easier to fire than hire these days, Cramer said. Rewarding companies for the latter might balance out the scales.

Put a solar panel on every house. “That’s serious stimulus that could create both jobs and clean energy,” Cramer said.

Build high-speed trains from Maine to Miami, New York to Chicago and along the West Coast. Plus, a transcontinental rail line as well. This initiative has three benefits: jobs for the workers needed to make it happen, easier traveling for tourists and businesspeople and less pollution. Trains are cleaner than planes and cars.

Lastly, eliminate any talk of card-check unionization and forced arbitration. Cramer called this a “sword of Damocles” hanging over companies’ heads, making it less likely that they’ll hire. Washington needs to put this on hold at least until the economy is back on track.

“Capitalists of America, unite!” Cramer said. “You have nothing to lose but your jobs, your earnings and your homes. So get to it!”

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