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Warren Buffett's Three Words Never Heard Before On a Kids' Cartoon

The 'cartoon' Warren Buffett sounds a lot like the 'real' Warren Buffett, and it's not just because they share the same voice.

On Friday morning, we told you about an upcoming series of short cartoons, designed to teach children about finance and investing.

In the Secret Millionaire's Clubfrom and A Squared Entertainment, a cartoon version of Buffett, voiced by the billionaire himself, mentors a group of children (the 'Club') who have "adventures in business and learn financial lessons along the way."

At the start of a live interview with Buffett on Friday, CNBC's Squawk Box showed a brief, edited, clip from a sample episode, but most of that day's conversation focused on Buffett's latest thoughts on the economy and financial markets.  (See the WBW post Warren Buffett to CNBC: Invest in Stocks Even at Dow 9000.)

Today, we have an extended excerpt from the program.  Once you get past the theme song (I'm still warming up to it,) you'll hear and see a relatively sophisticated explanation from Buffett of what he looks for when evaluating companies,  including three words I'm certain have never been heard before on a kids' cartoon: "durable competitive advantage." 

(To hear those same words in a CNBC context, check out Becky Quick's on-camera tour with Buffett of his Omaha office in late 2007.)

After just 3 minutes and 41 seconds of cartoon fun, you could finish with a deeper understanding of Buffett's love for Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary See's Candies.

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