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Silver Safer Than Gold, Natural Gas: Commodity Exec


The silver market is outpacing gold this year, and for those looking to buy into the metal, there's now a new method.

New Silver ETF Debuts

ETF Securities, the largest provider of commodity-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in Europe, recently created a new ETF for silver.

"It's the first step in building a platform for commodities," said Graham Tuckwell, founder and chairman of ETF Securities.

Those buying into the ETF, which operates under the ticker SIVR , aren't buying into futures. Rather, they are purchasing an actual piece of metal that is stored in a vault and stamped with a serial number.

Commodity ETFs like gold and natural gas funds have been popular in the past, but they've led some to argue that these types of investments drive prices in relatively small markets.

"We've never seen any evidence of trading in our products that has caused the underlying market to have the price move anything other than according to general supply and demand," Tuckwell said.





Natural Gas



Disclosure information was not available for Tuckwell or his company.