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Yankees President Randy Levine Comments On Ticket Sales

New York Yankees

New York Yankees president Randy Levine was on “Squawk Box” this morning with former mayor Rudy Giuliani guest hosting to discuss the business of the team.

On when the Yankees are going to start selling tickets for next year...

Levine:“We’re going to start selling soon for next year. We’ve been very successful. We’ve sold over 90 percent of all tickets available this year in our new stadium, which as the mayor will tell you, is an absolutely beautiful stadium. It has lived up to all our expectations. We’re very sensitive to the economy. We’re reviewing everything and looking to see where we can be better and where we can improve. In a couple weeks, hopefully we’ll be prepared to come out with our new plans and programs for next year.”

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On what kind of metrics the Yankees have to determine price...

Levine:Well, obviously we look at our attendance. You know, we look where the tickets have been sold, where the demand is, where there are waiting lists, where there are some soft areas. We look at everything. We look all through the entire economy. We know our fan base pretty well. We do a lot of surveys, a lot of outreach and we try to put it all together and come to the best conclusion we have.”

On the state of mind of the New York consumer...

Levine:Well, I think New York consumers, like everywhere, are very cautious. They want to get the biggest bang for their dollar. But you know, people love baseball. They love the Yankees. They love baseball. It gives them hope. It gives them something to get up every morning and pull for. So that’s George Steinbrenner’s philosophy and the family’s philosophy is put the money back into the team. Give New Yorkers and Yankee fans all over the world a great product, give them something to feel good about and they’ll come out and watch the ballclub…Our ratings on the YES Network are the highest we’ve ever had.”

On how the recession is affecting baseball...

Levine:I think we’re about five percent off from last year but obviously our stadium and Citi Field has less capacity, so baseball’s holding its own. We’re in an industry, consumers, fans spend their money. We have to be very careful and it depends on which market you’re in to determine. It’s very different. So far, baseball has had a very strong season.”

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