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A Profitable Hangover at Caesar's

The Hangover

I'm heading back to Las Vegas next month to do my regular check on the market there. But while doing research, producer Jeff Daniels spoke with Caesars Palace about whether the Vegas icon has seen a boost in business since the hit movie, "The Hangover" came out.

Turns out it may be the biggest thing to happen at Caesars since Evel Knievel.

"It is just phenomenal," says Caesars spokeswoman Debbie Munch. "On the day the movie opened we had calls from guests who wanted to book the suite. They asked us, 'Does that suite number exist?'"

Actually, it doesn't exist. While shooting did take place in Caesars' lobby, driveway, roof and pool, the "suite" in the film was created by the studio. However, Caesars claims the set was "inspired" by suites inside the actual hotel, and so, naturally, they're offering new "Hangover Packages" for tourists.

The package includes two nights and a $50 food/beverage credit for $120 a night. Mike Tyson and tiger not included but pants are optional.

"Stay at Caesars Palace for two nights and eat and drink with the kind of indulgent lust for life that Vegas is known for," the promotion says. "Just be sure to keep an eye on any soon-to-be-married grooms in your party!"

The package includes one of ten suites similar to the one in the film. "Our guests call them the 'Rainman Suites'," says Munch, referring to the Tom Cruise/Dustin Hoffman movie. "They are now called the 'Hangover Suites'."

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