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Mad Mail: What Is ‘Full Economic Recovery’ Anyway?


Cramer: I hear all this talk about a "full economic recovery" occurring at some point in the future. Is there a clear definition as to what a full recovery looks like? Does it mean GDP and unemployment at pre-recession rates, or Dow to 14,000? Is a full recovery back to the way things were right before the bubble burst, or something less than that? --David

Cramer says: “A full recovery would be a couple good quarters of [gross domestic product], and not much more than that. And probably unemployment stopping and employment going up. When you hear thinks like ‘full economic recovery,’ I regard it as subjective. So don’t look for criteria. There are … entities that actually declare ends of recessions. They’re always really late, and they’re not worth anything …”


Mad Mail

Jim: I saw a lot of press today on J.C. Penney opening a store in New York. Do you think this is a good sign of strength for the company? I noticed its stock is well above the 52-week low but still about $14 from its 52-week high. Is this a good play, or is retail still too risky? --Missy

Cramer says: “… I still think J.C. Penney has lost its way, but I did see [it was upgraded recently] …”


JC: I know you like the mobile Internet, but what do you think of the mobile video game market? With Madden 2010 and Call of Duty coming out soon, would Electronic Arts be a good play or is it already factored into the stock? --Aaron

Cramer says: “It’s an OK play. I don’t like the video-game business. Everything about the video-game business has turned down.”


Hello Cramer: Back in 2008, I sold my shares of Darling at close to $15, and I made some Mad Money. Since then the stock has retreated back to single digits. Could I get back in now as an Obama energy play or a long-term play on commodity pricing? --TS

Cramer says: “No … I think the stock’s a dead stock. You made the money, congratulations – don’t look back.”

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