Funny Business with Jane Wells

Finally, A Useful Product


Snuggie for Dogsisn't especially useful, considering dogs come with their own Snuggie (aka fur). Handerpants are hilarious but unnecessary.

But I've finally found something worth buying.

If you're like me, you hate standing around at cocktail parties trying to hold a drink in one hand and eating complicated appetizers with the other. First, I'm standing, so I can't use my lap as a table. Second, there's usually not a table around. Third, appetizers these days fall apart. Fourth, I psych myself out and always drop or spill something because I'm a klutz.

Well, someone has built a better mousetrap and I'm beating a path to his/her door.

Fingerfood Party Plates

One of our interns here discovered the FingerFood.

It's a ring! It's a plate!

It's a ring AND a plate.

With this product, I can have a drink and appetizer in one hand, leaving the other hand free to pick up the food for eating.

I will need to practice using it, though.

I can't drink with food still on the FingerFood ring/plate.

I'll have to be careful not wave that particular hand around too much while I'm talking.

And, well, I'll look weird wearing one. But weird is good.

I just ordered a set of ten reuseable FingerFood plates for $9.99 at Pop Deluxe

While I was browsing on the site, I also bought the ice cube tray which makes cubes in the shape of the Titanic, slowly sinking in your glass. My next party is going to be a huge success.

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