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Don't Know What STD Means? It's no LOL Matter


Does your company have its own Twitter feed? And a fan club on Facebook? Do you now have an individual concentrating 40 to 60 hours a week on evolving your company’s social media strategy?


If the answer is yes to any one of those questions, then you are, my dear executive, current with technology.

New technologies require new skills and in this case, new lingo.

No longer are teenagers the commanders of texting and short-forming every possible word in the English dictionary.

To stay savvy and current, it is becoming an unwritten rule for executives to stay updated with the latest acronyms and abbreviations.

Especially when you know what the acronym stands for but your receiver does not or assumes a different meaning. The Wall Street Journal in a similar vein, talks about a woman who knowing that her friend’s mother passed away, texted her saying, “I'm so sorry to hear about your mother passing away. LOL. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.” Unfortunately, the friend mistakenly thought LOL meant “Lots of Love,” not the standard representation of “Laugh out Loud.”

To make your life easier, we decided to put together a list of most useful abbreviations you’ll need to keep your Twitter feed to 140 characters, your Facebook status update to a 100 and your Blackberry Messenger chat message to 50. Oh, and while you are it, forget the commas and semi colons. They’re a thing of the past as well.

NSFW: Not safe for work

LOL: Laugh out loud (yes this is no longer considered teenage gushing lingo)

GFTD: Gone for the day

BI5: Back in five minutes

KUTGW: Keep up the good work

NRN: No response necessary

NP: No problem

BRB: Be right back

TTYL: Talk to you later

POV: Point of view

OFC: Or course

MI5?: Meet in 5? (Nope, not another Mission Impossible sequel)

YGG/YGM: You go girl!/You go man!

CLM: Career limiting move

EOD: End of Day

OTP: On the Phone

RFD/RFP: Request for Discussion/Proposal

TWIMC: To Whom It May Concern

YW: You’re welcome

STD: Sign the Deal

Aman Singh is an Editor with Vault and works with Fortune 500 companies on reporting their diversity recruitment strategies and initiatives.

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