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Market Tips: Take Profit on China, Don't Bet on Tech

Global stocks were mostly higher Thursday ahead of central bank decisions out of Europe and the UK. Experts tell CNBC now may be best to take profits in China and that investors should not expect a technology boom any time soon.

Take Profit in China Stocks

Take profit in China stocks, advises Philip Niem, head of Asian discretionary portfolio management at Barclays Wealth. He tells CNBC why it's time to sell-off China material stocks.

Shanghai Composite Faces Possible Bubble

Daryl Guppy, CEO of tells CNBC that the Shanghai Composite's underlying trend remains strong but he is looking for volatility retracement.

Still Bullish on China

Yang Liu, co-chairman at Atlantis Investment Management remains bullish on China despite its recent strength. She tells CNBC why and the sectors that poised for bigger growth.

Markets on a Cyclical Upswing

Shane Oliver, head of investment strategy and chief economist at AMP Capital Investors, says markets are in the best part of the cycle as economic recovery, low inflation and low interest rate form a good environment for equities.

Markets Due for Pullback

Matt Zeman, trader at Lasalle Futures Group says the markets are still in a "buy on dips" mode. He tells CNBC that the market is due for a pullback.

Is Tech Spending Bouncing Back?

Steve Leonard, president at EMC Asia Pacific and Japan tells CNBC that tech spending is bouncing back, but we're not looking at a tech boom.

The Outlook for Technology Stocks

Technology stocks should be watched closely as an indicator of where the economy is heading, Jack Bouroudjian, chairman of Capital Markets Technology, said.

Bearish Outlook for Container Shipping Sector

On the back of NOL's quarterly loss, Johnson Leung, senior shipping analyst at Tufton Oceanic, says he remains bearish on the container shipping industry.