Money Manager Forecast: Mixed Bag For Economy

Some of the nation's top economic forecasters have gathered for their annual pow-wow in the woods of Maine to compare notes and reflect on the state of the economy.
Twenty-five of these money managers and business leaders weighed in on our special CNBC "Leen's Lodge Indicator" survey.

Here are the results:

  1. Where will the unemployment rate be a year from now?
    65 percent said above 10 percent
  2. What is most important for the economic recovery?
    39 percent said job growth
    26 percent said higher consumer spending
  3. When should the Fed start raising rates?
    60 percent said on hold for longer than a year
    22 percent said will raise in the next 6-12 months
  4. The President's grade on handling the economy
  5. View of the recession:
    39 percent said recession will end in the next 3 months
    26 percent said recession will end in the next 6 months
    17 percent said recession is over
  6. GDP forecast for Q3 & Q4
    Average 1.5 for the next two quarters
    - 90 percent said growth will be positive
    - 30 percent said second recession is coming
Gone Fishin'...With Economists

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