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The Novartis Attacks, Dash And Your Emails

Vasella home in flames.
Source: EPA

The London “Daily Mail”has published photos of the flames and aftermath at the Austrian vacation home of Novartis CEO Dr. Daniel Vasella.

The arsonists claim to have used nearly 16 gallons of gasoline to ignite the blaze.

It was reportedly set at 3:30 in the morning.

All I can say is thank goodness Dr. Vasella and his family weren’t there and fast asleep at the time.

I received dozens of emails in response to my previous two posts about the Novartis attacksand my story about euthanizing Dash the dog.

I had anticipated a flood of hateful, nasty emails, but the overwhelming majority were supportive of animal research and sympathetic with the decision to put Dash to sleep.

Thanks to everyone, by the way, who wrote in to offer their condolences.

Regarding Novartis:

Thomas Kirby said, “The animal rights activists will not make anything better for any living thing. The means they use tend to prove that.”

Rick Pikul in Toronto wrote, “We have a group that is trying to enforce a political position through the use of violence, and there is a word for that: Terrorism.”

Dr. Walter Cash with the Kansas State University Department of Anatomy and Physiology commented, “Although our level of understanding of biological systems has vastly improved, we are still not even close to understanding all the variables of mammalian physiology. Until we know and understand all the variables, animal research will remain a necessity.”

But Sandra (no last name) begged to differ, “There is no ethical or moral basis in bringing torment and suffering to helpless/imprisoned animals. (It’s) the laboratories where the true terrorists reign…the scientists who purposely bring torment to defenseless animals. Shame shame!”


And regarding Dash:

Nancy Larsen said, “Your story about Dash brought tears to my eyes, but you did the right thing.”

Sally Hay emailed, “I have been showing, training and breeding retrievers for 25-plus years. You did the right thing. He could not have ‘quality of life’ under the circumstances. His form of mental illness was terminal. It was a matter of time.”

Michele Smith, who is Chair of a dog rescue program wrote, “I hope when you are finished grieving the loss of Dash you will get another dog. Dogs need owners with common sense!”

But my story may have cost CNBC a viewer. “Donna in Canada” wrote, “What kind of reporter are you? How hard did you look at what the alternatives were to killing your dog? There are animal groups that care and would have taken him. This will haunt you for the rest of your life. I cannot watch you on TV without being sick and sorry for your poor dog that loved and trusted you. Do not have any more animals—or children for that matter. You are a cruel person hiding behind the rhetoric of humane.”

And thank you Nan Luke who signed off better than I can, “Rest in peace Dash, rest in peace.”

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