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Mad Money’s Mobile Internet Index


The losses seen on Tuesday in both the Dow and the Nasdaq – 97 and 23 points, respectively – are opportunities, Cramer told viewers. The declines give investors the chance to buy stocks related to the long-term trends that transcend the market’s short-term volatility. His latest favorite? Mobile Internet.

Inside The Mobile Frontier

On-the-go Web is a trend equal to the mass adoption of the PC, he said, and it will be with us for some time to come. So Cramer today created the Mad Money Mobile Internet Index to track what he expects will be a years-long growth cycle.

He picked 21 stocks and assumed to spend $1,000 on each at Tuesday’s closing prices. The index starts at 100, and its rise and fall will directly relate to how these companies – and the mobile Internet trend – fare. See below for a full list of the constituents.

People prefer Google on their desktop computers, so Cramer figured they’d choose the GOOG for their smartphones as well. So this stock is the first addition to the index.

Speaking of smartphones, Apple is the most likely pick in that category. But Cramer added Research in Motion and Palm as well. While he hasn’t been a fan of Palm lately, he thinks the stock could move once Sprint loses its exclusivity on the new Pre handset.

Among the telco-equipment makers, Cramer likes ADC Telecom for its connectivity products and Starent Networks for its wireless infrastructure business. Cisco Systems also got the nod because it makes the broadband routers and switches that allow for data transfers. Ciena and Tellabs are smaller, more speculative names, but they do their part by helping wireless networks run on bigger bandwidth, which is key for meeting consumers’ demand for high-quality mobile content.

Text messaging is huge, as is the desire to carry a personal phone number from carrier to carrier. Thank Tekelec for the ability to do both. Commscope makes the antennas necessary for wireless base stations and other transmission equipment. These two names round out the equipment plays.

For handset components, Cramer added Qualcomm and Broadcom BRCM to the index. For the chips that let them run, he included RF Micro Devices , Skyworks Solutions , ON Semiconductor , Cypress Semi , Tessera Tech and SanDisk . And finally, NetLogic and Xilinx were added because they make the semiconductors needed to operate networking equipment.

“Take today’s weakness in these stocks as a gift,” Cramer said. Buy the stocks in his Mobile Internet Index, which he thinks are poised for “titanic multiyear gains.”

Cramer's charitable trust owns Cisco Systems and Qualcomm.

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