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How to Invest in This 'So-So Environment': Strategist


We’re going to have a couple of “very good quarters” and the stimulus is going to keep going all throughout 2010, said Jim Awad, managing director at Zephyr Management.

Economy Out of Woods Yet?

“Where you start to have concern will be in 2011, when the government has to become contractionary as opposed to expansionary,” Awad told CNBC.

"They’re going to have to raise taxes and cut spending to address the deficit.”

Awad said there are plenty of opportunities to make money even in the current “so-so environment.”

“There’s tremendous opportunity in distressed assets, credit markets, emerging markets and in the large-cap U.S. companies that service the emerging markets,” he said. “Those four areas should work even in a slow growth environment, there’s always a chance to make money.”



No immediate information was available for Awad or his firm.

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