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Who Has The Top Intern? We Do!


We have great interns at CNBC. They are quick and enthusiastic kids, eager to learn and fun to work with. I hope I make a good impression on them, because in many cases I fully expect to be working for them someday. As a general rule ... our interns rock.

But we at the Web site now have a special feather in our intern-cap ... one of ours has been named "New Jersey's Top Intern."

Andrew Stanish overlooking the news floor at CNBC.
Photo Courtesy of Bergen CC

That's right, in recognition of his superior on-the-job performance, the New Jersey Cooperative Education & Internship Association named Andrew Stanish the 2009 NJCEIA Cooperative Education and Internship Student of the Year. You can read the local paper's write-up here.

Andrew worked in our production department under the mentoring eye of senior producer Brian Beers. I can tell you that Brian is not easily impressed. But Andrew did it. "His ability to learn on the job was truly remarkable," says Brian.

We congratulate Andrew, wish him even more success, and thank him for the bragging rights we now have over other business news Web sites.