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Prep For Recovery With These 5 Stocks: Strategist


Take your cash out from the sidelines because "there’s still a lot of stocks we can put money into today," said Robert Millen, co-portfolio manager at Jensen Portfolio.

“We’re not afraid of the run-up in growth stocks,” Millen told CNBC. “[We like] companies that have consistent growth, high quality balance sheets and good prospects for growing even in a slow-growth economy.” (Read below for his stock picks.)

Inside Growing Opportunities

In addition to growth stocks, Millen said he also likes the cyclicals.

“We have some exposure to cyclicals in what we call a “quality global industrials” for example, United Technologies and Emerson . These are more consistent cyclicals that we think will do well not only in the early stages, but more importantly in the later stages of a recovery, and I think most people projecting that this recovery is going to be slow, long and characterized by sub-par GDP growth.”

Millen said the market is ahead of itself and expects some volatility ahead.

“But the general trend over the next several years is up,” he said.







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Millen’s firm owns shares of all the companies above.

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