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Mad Mail: A New Mobile-Internet Play?


Jim:I love your show and love the Mobile Internet Index idea . I've been riding the wave with American Tower, but you never talk about it or its competitors. What do you think about the people who build the towers that fill the air with all those cell signals? --Al

Mad Mail

Cramer says:“I’ve been leaning toward the ADC Telecom , the providers of that material. And I’ve got to stock with ADC Telecom. But I will take another look at AMT. I’m not dead set against it. It’s just that I’ve always felt that the tower builders had no momentum.”


Cramer!:I'm sure every stockbroker in the world would hate this idea, but, if the government needs money so bad, why doesn't it tax stock market trades? I would think that a penny or two per trade wouldn't bankrupt anyone and could help pay for the deficit. What are your thoughts? --Joel

Cramer says:“I have historically, Joel, been against this. Why? Because I favor to have as little friction as possible between people who want to buy and sell stocks, because I do not believe in buy-and-hold. This would hurt the people who are actively managing their portfolios. Would it be right? I’m no guru about how to tax the system, but I’m sure that there are other ways that I think would make more sense than putting some friction in every time you go in to sell or buy.”


Hi Jim:If an electric utility has natural gas hedged between $6 and $7 for the coming years, would that be a liability, since natural gas prices are in the $3 range? Specifically, what is your opinion of Empire District Electric? It has a nice dividend and a good record of earnings, but unless I am confused by the financial impact of its natural gas hedging, I would think it might be over paying on its hedges. --Patrick

Cramer says:“These are very tough calls … who’s to say that $6-$7 was so bad when last year we were at $13. Obviously, it won’t help them. One of the reasons why I like Con Ed here, by the way, which has really had a very big move, is that I don’t have to worry about that nonsense.”


Jim:What effect does the average daily trading volume have on a stock's per share value? Many thanks for what you do for us home gamers! --Mike

Cramer says:“No, no real effect. I like to use it as a verification of the stock price. If there’s a lot of volume, it makes me feel that that’s the right price discovery. But no, average daily trading volume is something that I don’t [view] as being very important other than to be sure that I got the right price for a thinly traded stock.”

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