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Rally's End 'Quite Possibly' in September: Strategist


Stocks fell more than 2 percent on Monday following a strong four-week rally. Mike Rubino, of Rubino Financial and Bob Phillips of Spectrum Management Group discussed the selloff.

“The news has been we’re due for a consolidation of the market, so that’s what we’re seeing right now,” Phillips told CNBC. “The overall trend, though, is up—and it’s very healthy in terms of the stocks that we track in our quantitative system.”

Behind the Selloff

Phillips said he expects to see some upside growth in the markets.

“We’ve come off earnings season and there’s no news to track, so the news is turning negative, but the trend is going to be up,” he said.

In the meantime, Rubino said conservative investors should lighten up positions in their portfolios.

“We’re ready to exit and we think September is quite possibly the end of the rally…When we see greater deterioration in the market—anything below 8,800 on the Dow would cause us to worry,” said Rubino.

However, he recommended the emerging markets, financials, small cap growth and technology sectors for aggressive investors who want to stay in the markets.

“Those are the ones that will continue to do well if the market does continue to push forward,” said Rubino.

Rubino Likes:

iShares MSCI-EMF

Financial SPDR

iShares S&P 600

Rubino Dislikes:

S&P 1500 Homebuilders

2-Year T-Note

30-Year T-Bond

Phillips Likes:

S&P Technology

S&P Energy

Nikkei 225

Phillips Dislikes:

S&P Financial

S&P Aero & Defense

S&P Health Care



No immediate information was available for Phillips or Rubino.

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