UK Health Care System Is 'Unfundable': Strategist

Lianna Brinded, Assistant Producer

Britain's system of free health are for all, the National Health Service, will likely run into problems because it will be impossible to fund over the long term, Peter Toogood, head of investment at Old Broad Street Research, told CNBC Monday.

"It’s a harsh reality of life, but something has to reform, a reform has to take place. Health care is eating into every national budget globally, continuously and something will need to be addressed," Toogood told "Squawk Box Europe."

"When the original NHS was set up in this country 50 years ago, people didn’t live to 90, they lived to 65 maybe 70. It’s just a fundamental fact and things will have to evolve," Toogood said.

"So it’s evolution rather than revolution, but things will have to change, it is unfundable as it currently stands in 20 years time," he added.

In the UK, the dispute over the NHS has reignited after a Conservative Party member called the system a "sixty year mistake."

Sharon Lorimer

"Spending on the NHS cannot stand still … because standing still would actually be taking a step backward," David Cameron, the UK’s Conservative Party Leader said.

Although there are a variety of mechanisms in place for how one would charge for the NHS, the “free for state” idea needs to be tweaked in order for it to work in the future, Toogood said.

In the US, President Barack Obama is fighting his own health care battle, as his approval ratings have been falling while opposition to his health care reform plan grows.

However, Democrats still insist he will keep his campaign pledge to make sure the estimated 50 million Americans who are without coverage can afford health insurance.