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Vote For Best Stock Market Crash-Er Squirrel

And it begins. Here are my six picks for best (or weirdest) financially-themed use of the now-famous "Crasher Squirrel" of Banff, the critter that's been popping up in every piece of pop culture. Vote through 5p ET tomorrow. The winner gets a wonderfully lame T-shirt we concocted using iron-on technology. It's what we imagine the new Burger King jerseys for Spanish soccer team Getafe would look like.  Note: this is not an official T-shirt, ok? It's our attempt to make one, and, frankly, it's the only thing I have at the moment to hand out as a prize...but this is more about bragging rights, yes?

Crasher Squirrel
Photo by: Liberty Von EndtheFed

"Crasher Squirrel, Bernanke, and Paulson testifying before Congress," by Liberty Von EndtheFed

Chief Brody and squirrel
Photo by: Jim Beale

"Chief Brody salvages Amity's summer economy by eliminating the Crasher Squirrel!" by Jim Beale

Crasher Squirrel
Photo by: Stephen Ames

"Making cover of Time, not realizing that Crasher Squirrel and friends will soon crash the market" by Stephen Ames

Crasher Squirrel with Erin Burnett
Crasher Squirrel with Erin Burnett

"Cramer Squirrel: They Know Nothing!" by Jeff Jacobs

American Squirrel
Photo by: Judy Hoppe

"Crasher Squirrel saves Mattel with American Squirrel" by Judy Hoppe

Crasher Squirrel

NOMINEE #6 (nominated for being most "out there")
"Crasher Squirrel and Mr. Ilarijs Squirrel are counting money for nuts in Morocco" from a stuffed squirrel touring the globe named Mr. Ilarijs.

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