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Venus: Queen of the Court

Venus Williams rang the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange today, celebrating her 15th year on the U.S. Open circuit.  What a milestone!  At the age of 29, she is considered an elder stateswoman in the sport of tennis.  She has a lot to show for it: 41 singles titles, 14 doubles titles.  As for Venus’ singles Grand Slam record: 5-time Wimbledon champion and 2-time US Open winner.

Maria Bartiromo served up a few questions to Venus on the courts of the NYSE today. 

BARTIROMO: So how are you feeling ahead of the U.S. Open?
WILLIAMS: I'm so excited. I love this time of year, being in New York and playing possibly my best tennis of my life.

BARTIROMO: How do you prepare for it? What are you doing beforehand? Is there a risk of playing too much before?
WILLIAMS: No. My whole life is a preparation for tennis. So it's all I know. And I’m used to the routine and used to getting ready for the Open and think I’ve got it down. 

BARTIROMO: How about the clothing line?
WILLIAMS: My clothing line, I wear it on the court.  It's about being better than your best, it's one better than a 10. I have a lot of fun wearing it on the court and wearing graphics, which is kind of different for tennis.

BARTIROMO: When we're watching you, and I mean certainly in Wimbledon when you're facing off against your sister, you've got your family in the stands, your dad there... it’s got to be so tough for you. How does that feel, playing against your sister in the finals?
WILLIAMS: You know, we're living our dream on the court, living our dreams off the court. And that's really exciting each and every day.  We realize that it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

BARTIROMO: What do you want to do as a complement to tennis? Where else is your heart in terms of business?
WILLIAMS: I actually have a design company called V Starr Interiors. We're looking currently for a business development manager. You know, hey everyone, apply. But also, you know, a lot of great partners.  Doing a lot of great things with them. It's very exciting for me.

Venus, we’ll be watching you at the U.S. Open.  We hope you make a run to the finals!
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