Superglued Protesters Take On Royal Bank of Scotland

Protesters, some of them superglued together, surged on the London offices of Royal Bank of Scotland while naked activists occupied parts of Edelman PR company Tuesday, as part of Camp for Climate Action group's protests.

Amy Scaife, Camp for Climate Action

Others, dressed as construction workers, cut off the entrance to the bank's headquarters on Bishopsgate with banners which read: “Ethical Renovation in Progress,” in protest against RBS’s investments in carbon intensive projects. 

“This is an ‘anti-banks holiday’. We’re here to say that the banks, especially RBS, need to be fundamentally reconstructed to put sustainability at the top of their agenda,” activist Bryony Taylor, 20, said in a statement.

"We are aware of activity by the Climate Camp protestors at 250 Bishopsgate and are liaising with the Metropolitan police," a RBS spokesperson told CNBC.

Meanwhile, other climate activists, some of whom were naked, occupied the roof and window of Edelman PR.

Camp for Climate Action said they were exposing the “naked truth” behind the PR firm for its involvement in a publicity campaign for E.ON.

Edelman PR, the world’s largest independent PR company, is helping E.ON in their efforts to rebuild Kingsnorth into the first coal-fired power station the UK has seen in 30 years, the group said.

Edelman confirmed to CNBC that they had three protestors on their roof, and six naked protestors in the lobby. Protesters had been outside their doors since 8.45 am London time, Tuesday morning, they said.

Protesters Take on RBS, Edelman PR
Protesters Take on RBS, Edelman PR

Edelman management said they had invited them for a coffee to discuss the issues, but protestors declined and now the police are dealing with the situation.

The naked protesters could be seen in the window of the company, on London’s busy Victoria Street, covered only by a banner which read: “Climate Lies Uncovered.”

“Edelman PR are nothing more than new coal spin doctors, intent on making profit out of EON’s activities at the expense of the global climate,” Alice Fielding, a spokesperson for Camp for Climate Action, said.

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