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Market Tips: 6-Month Rally was Just a 'Bounce'

Global stocks fell Wednesday, following Wall Street's overnight selloff, on financial concerns. Experts tell CNBC the rally we experienced since the March lows was just a "bounce" and that markets haven't bottomed yet.

Markets Bounced, Not Bottomed

There is a big difference between a "bounce" and a "bottom", says Jack Bouroudjian, chairman of Capital Markets Technology. He tells CNBC that markets have experienced a bounce in the last six months.

Gold Likely to Outperform in Double-Dip

Gold stocks in Australia are very expensive, says Matthew Williams, portfolio manager at Perpetual Investments. He tells CNBC that he is not a gold bull but does see gold outperforming in a double-dip recession.

Clunkers Program Hits Autos Too Late

The "Cash for Clunkers" program will result in lower car sales in the weeks to come, says Jessica Caldwell, senior analyst at She tells CNBC that the program came a little too late to save the auto industry.

Hedge Funds Investing in Emerging Markets

The hedge fund industry has evolved into investing in emerging markets. Ken Heinz, president of Hedge Fund Research tells CNBC that the total assets in emerging markets have increased by $10 billion.

Pick Up Value-for-Money Buys in Asia

Asian markets are not cheap but they are not outrageously expensive either, says Andrew Pease, investment strategist at Russell Investment Group. He tells CNBC how he is investing in this region.

Sidestep A-Share Markets

Investors should stay on the sidelines as far as the A-share markets are concerned, says Andy Mantel, MD of Pacific Sun Investment Management.

Managing Realty

Property prices in Asia are rebounding, amid signs that economies are starting to recover. Danny Yeo, MD of Knight Frank, tells CNBC how his firm is capitalizing on this boom, in this installment of Spread Sheet.

Eye on Aussie

The Aussie dollar below or at the US$0.80-level offers good buying opportunities, says David Mann, FX strategist for global markets at Standard Chartered Bank.