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Chrysler Kills Owner's Manuals-What Else Should Go?


In the world of advancing the auto business, this doesn't rank up there with side curtain airbags in terms of importance. Heck, it's a change most people won't even notice. Still, Chrysler's decision to replace the bulky owner's manual with a DVD and small user's guide is one that a few folks out there will see as a no-brainer and one that is long overdue.


Chrysler is no doubt making the move because a DVD owner's guide is far more cost-effective than an owner's manual.

But, from a practical standpoint it makes more sense as well.

The percentage of new car buyers who consult their manual on a regular basis cannot be terribly high.

For most, it's used to figure out how to change the time on the radio or what the optimal tire pressure should be.

Otherwise, they usually just clutter up the glove compartment.

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Sure, there are purists who still get a kick out of reading the manual. And there are some of you who will find this blog absurd. After all, does the death of the owner's manual really mean a whole lot?

But it has me wondering, what else in new cars would you eliminate if you could?

Drop me a note or leave a comment and let me know what you're thinking.

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