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Mad Mail: Time to Sell Natural-Gas Stocks?


Hey Jim: Over the past few weeks, you have been focusing on natural gas prices and the potential upside over the next few years. I agree, however I think much of this expected upward movement in natural gas is already reflected in a lot of the natural gas stocks. Over the last few months, companies like Apache have moved steadily higher while the price of the commodity has gone down…I think the market has already priced in these expected higher moves in the commodity and I have been lightening up on my APA position. What do you think? --Jonathan in Atlanta

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “Nobody ever got hurt taking a profit. Lightening up on APA after that remarkable run, it makes sense … Later this week, I will tell you [where] I think you should be with Apache and some others. But I respect the fact that you have a big gain. I don’t want you to give it back.”


Mr. Cramer!: I am a new investor just out of college and love the show! Do you think I should sell Walmart and pick up CVS Caremark for the upcoming swine flu season? I realize that you are very busy, but if you get a chance to respond I would really appreciate it. Thanks! --Alex at Purdue University

Cramer says: “I am never too busy to talk stocks … the answer is, yes, I like that idea. I think the drug stores are great swine-flu plays, and I think Walmart is stuck in the mud right now, as much as I think it’s a great company. Make that switch, Alex. I think it’s a good one.”

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