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Never Let Them See You Sweat - When You Sweat


A job seeker recently asked me what to do if he sweats … profusely! He is very self conscious of his sweaty palms and the actual sweat beads that form on this face.

Here are some strategies that will absolutely alleviate these symptoms:

Tip #1: The more prepared you are, the less you will sweat. So, practice your interview technique – not just for 1 hour, not just for 5 hours. Conduct at least 10 mock interviews with someone who can throw really tough questions at you and help you to focus on the answers. If you are focusing on the answers, and proving the worth you bring to the company, you will not, and cannot focus on your sweating.

Tip #2: Have a list of things that must be done 2 days before an interview, 1 day before an interview, and the day of the interview. Follow this routine religiously so there could be no hiccups.