Two-Way Street

Responding to Readers on What's Clicking


From time to time they drag me onto TV here to talk about what's special on the Web site. It is supposed to be a daily segment on Power Lunch but in the world of live television that often doesn't work out. I'm usually the first thing killed if President Obama goes long on a speech or if a major (or for that matter minor) story breaks.

What's Clicking On

But it's fun and happens from time to time. And some of you have noticed it. And some of you have written in with a good suggestion ... doing a post about the hit that provides the actual features I highlighted. Indeed, with the shifting sands of our home page, it may be hard to find something later when you actually have time to sit down at the computer.

So here it goes ...

Hot ... The Barney Fife Market (our write up of Bill Gross' comments).

Hotter ... No More Chyrsler Owner's Manuals (Phil LeBeau's blog on this money saving move).

Hottest ... World's Best Banks Slideshow (Global Finance Magazine's top rankings).

Also mentioned ... Michelle's Chicken Feet argument and Dennis' Kill ObamaCare screed.

Thanks for the suggestion, folks.