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Airline Boss Gets Check-In Rage, Police Called: Report


Ever stood in an airport check-in queue and wished the airline boss could experience the same horror? Well the chief executive of budget airline did just that and wound up with a police caution for shouting expletives at his own staff, according to British media reports.

Philip Meeson was carrying out one of his routine spot checks at Manchester Airport when a queue of some 220 passengers got his blood boiling. He marched to the front of the line and laid into his staff with a tirade of four-letter words, various newspapers reported.

Meeson’s outburst won applause from the weary passengers, but the check-in staff were less than impressed and called the police, the reports said.

"Police were called to the check-in area at Terminal One, following reports that a man was being abusive to staff,” a Greater Manchester Police spokesperson told the Telegraph newspaper.

"Officers attended and warned the man about his future conduct and behaviour under the Public Order Act," the spokesperson told the Telegraph.

The man admitted to officers that he’d been "unprofessional and irate," the spokesperson said, but he quickly calmed down so no further action had been necessary.

Meeson "was not happy with the service the customers were getting," said in a statement. He "took immediate action after seeing the length of the queue and requested that workers get it sorted immediately in his own passionate style!" maintained that it was a "friendly," low-fares airline that just wants to "banish check-in queues."