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60 Reasons to be Bullish about China: Expert

On the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, many strategists have been speculating that China's economy will continue its uptrend, making the nation the next superpower.

So how can investors benefit from trading this emerging nation and where are the best plays? Matt Comyns, CEO of JLM Pacific Epoch, shared his insights and explained his 60 reasons to be bullish about China.

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"We believe that there's a lot of momentum in the market," Comyns told CNBC. "They had 30 awful years where they were suppressed and there was pent-up demand building. And 30 incredible years, especially in the last 10 when they entered the WTO."

60 Reasons to be Bullish on China

“China has more than 100 cities with more than 1,000,000 people in [each],” he continued. “The story of the recovery has been in the second and the third-tier cities.”

Additionally, China is a green tech leader, said Comyns. China is spending $30 billion on green technology as part of its current stimulus plan. An example of a new policy recently unveiled is the “Golden Sun” initiative, which aims to achieve solar power generation by 2011.

Comyns said he likes Yingli Green Energy , one of the leading solar companies in China traded on U.S. markets.

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