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Market Tips: Dollar Weak for the Next 2 Years

The dollar has suffered heavy selling against the other major currencies in recent weeks, with the yen and euro seeing strong gains. But is the dollar weakness here to stay?

One market expert told CNBC that the greenback is set to remain on the back-foot for the next two years, while the Asian currencies take center stage.

Dollar Weakness Here to Stay

“The next couple of years is all about dollar weakness, it’s all about Asia currency strength,” Stephen Green, senior economist at Global Research at Standard Chartered Bank

Sterling Heads Back to ‘Normal Levels’

“Sterling is going down,” Robin Griffiths from Cazenove Capital told CNBC Monday. “You can say ‘is that the dollar going back up or what?’ - that’s less clear.” He predicts sterling will settle just below the ($)1.50 range, but says this isn’t a reason for concern as “it’s just going back to its normal levels really.”

Betting on the Chinese Consumer

Gain exposure to China's consumer demand story, advises James Holt, VP at BlackRock Investment Management. He tells CNBC how investors can best capitalize on this.

M&A Trends in China

The key pattern behind M&A deals in China is that it has the support of the government, says Wang Wei, chairman of the China Mergers and Acquisition Association, speaking to CNBC.

Investing in Downturns

Downturns are some of the best opportunities to invest in, says Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital, speaking to CNBC.