Ultimate Fighting CEO: We're Just Scratching Surface

UFC co-owner and president Dana White told CNBC Tuesday that his ultimate fighting organization is ready to be more popular than ever.

UFC: A Fistful of Dollars

"We're just scratching the surface of this thing," White said. "When you look at this as a sports franchise, we've only been around for nine years and on television for five. We're just chipping away with this."

UFC is seen on Spike TV in the US and also on pay per view channels and seen in some 33 countries. White said he's not worried about any overexposure. "As long as we provide good fights, you're not overexposed," White said.

White said regular boxing killed itself in the media by being short-sighted. "They got greedy," White said. "Boxing promoters and others just wanted to make money. While we're on pay TV, we're also providing free fights on TV."

"Fighting is in our DNA," White said. "It's always going to be around."

Ultimate Fighting Championship promotes itself as a no holds barred fighting arena and uses all forms of fighting in its contests, including judo, kick boxing, karate and wrestling.

"The Ultimate Fighter" TV program has been seen by 106.9 million viewers in the last four years. UFC has the highest average ticket prices per event at $276 each.