Unemployed? Mike Rowe Says Consider a 'Dirty Job'

Having a hard time finding a job? You may want to expand your search.

Think toilet crusher, maggot farmer, elevator shaft cleaner, sheep castrator, skunk wrangler, owl vomit collector, spider venom extractor, bee-man—and the list goes on.

Where the "Dirty Jobs" Are

(See the accompanying video for Mike's appearance on CNBC.)

Jobs such as those are dangerous but profitable, said Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel’s show, “Dirty Jobs.”

“What I’ve seen with the jobs that we feature on this show, [they] seem to know something that the rest of us don’t,” he said. “I think it's a sense of completion. You’re looking at a window washer right now in Hawaii … You know when you’re done.”

Conventional, office jobs, meanwhile, are deceptive, Rowe told CNBC: “You don’t know when to stop.”

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