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Where Jim Rogers Would Invest $1 Million


Commodities are the best area to invest in, as they protect against inflation and prices will rise if Asia's economies take off, Jim Rogers, CEO of Rogers Holdings, told CNBC Thursday.

"Cotton, coffee, silver … these are things that are very depressed. This is where I would start looking … if I only had a million dollars… I wish I had a million dollars, then I would head out and look for those things," he said.

Cotton was badly hit by the collapse in commodities prices, at times trading below 50 cents a pound compared with a high of 95 cents in February 2008. But analysts say cotton is due for a 20 percent rise, as many cotton farmers switched to more profitable crops.

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Coffee prices were up around 12 percent this year and analysts say they may continue their upward trend in the fourth quarter.

Silver prices rose 22 percent this quarter. Rogers said investors could take advantage of opportunities anywhere in the world.

"I would probably try to find an agricultural-oriented country or natural-resource oriented country where prices are still depressed."