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Summer Olympic Cities

The selection of Olympic host cities can transform a metropolitan area, placing the city in the international forefront for weeks while at the same time mobilizing billions of dollars in investments and tourist activity.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) follows a two-stage selection process, where cities apply for consideration, from which the IOC votes on candidate cities from the applicant pool. For the 2016 games, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro are front runners, and are being considered along with Tokyo and Madrid. The hesitation for the IOC with Chicago is that it is less well-known on the international stage, while Rio de Janeiro's high crime is the major concern.

The selection process, international politics and investment involved with the Olympics has made the host city selection a major deal for coutries around the globe. Click ahead for 40 years of Olympic host cities, and the other candidates that were up for selection!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 2 Oct 2009

Photo: AP