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Mad Mail: The Return of US Manufacturing?


Jim: I know you're very positive on Apple from an investor's point of view. My Apple products - MacbookPro, iPhone and iPod - are designed and marketed by Apple US but manufactured by overseas subcontractors. This doesn't much help the 15 million unemployed workers in the US. Likewise, my golf clubs, TV and camera are made in China. Is this because the US no longer has the manufacturing capability to build such items or is it strictly a commercial decision? You have tremendous influence and I urge you to lobby to bring manufacturing back to the US. --John

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “The reason why we do not have the manufacturing capability is because we don’t create enough jobs and don’t grow fast enough … I implore Congress to focus on creating jobs. Not on health care, not on cap and trade – jobs.”


Jim: I wanted to ask you about two companies that are developing drugs to fight obesity. Vivus and Orexigen Therapeutics. It is my understanding that VVUS is considered the company that will bring an obesity drug to market first. What's your opinion of these companies? --John

Cramer says: “I think they’re both too speculative for this guy.”

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