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Pros Say Bull Market is Here — But 10-15% Dip is Coming


Stocks struggled for the second consecutive day this quarter as investors remained worried about the recovery in the wake of some disappointing economic reports.

Bulls, Bears On Jobs Report

Vinny Catalano, global investment strategist at Blue Marble Research and Jordan Kimmel, market strategist at National Securities told investors how they should be preparing.

“Don’t confuse the economy with the stock market,” Kimmel told CNBC.

“We’re in the beginning of a new bull market and you can’t confuse backward looking jobless numbers with the stock market.”

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In the meantime, Catalano said the markets reached an overvaluation level.

“The next move up is going to be the telling sign and will determine whether we will get a major correction or not,” he said. “And I think we will likely get that because there will be technical indicators that will develop into a non-confirmation high, and that will give you a 10 to 15 percent or more market correction based on fundamentals.”

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