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Tech vs. Retail Stocks: Where to Invest Now


The technology sector has outperformed the retailers this year by almost 20 percent. Is there still upside potential or should investors start looking elsewhere? Rob Enderle, principal analyst of Enderle Group, and Patricia Edwards, CIO of Storehouse Partners, shared their investment strategies.

Retail vs. Tech

“Tech’s looking pretty strong,” Enderle told CNBC.

“And as good as tech’s been, it’s likely to get better as we get into the fourth quarter because there’s so much money pointed at it… The consumers are looking fairly strong and the incentives to come back and buy are good.” (Read below for his full stock picks.)

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In the meantime, Edwards said although retail is a tough space, consumers are still likely to spend money.

“The consumer is hurting, but the consumer is still going to spend,” she said. “And they’re going to spend in some interesting ways.”

Enderle Likes:

Best Buy  


Edwards Likes:

Home Shopping Network  

Big Lots  




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Edwards personally owns shares of Wal-Mart and some of her clients own shares of Apple.

Enderle does not own shares of Best Buy.

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