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Commissioner Stern Talks European Division & Global Investors


NBA commissioner David Stern stopped by CNBC's "Worldwide Exchange" this morning to talk about NBA Europe Live, which features the Jazz and the Bulls tonight in London.

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Stern on whether there will be more international owners, like prospective New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov: "The flow of global finance like the flow of global sports talent is more than welcome. We have 20 percent of our league is composed of international players and we expect more and more international investors, not unlike the EPL and other opportunities."

Stern on whether NBA teams will ever play a regular season schedule in Europe: "It's getting closer, but I wouldn't give you a specific date. But obviously, we've talked about it. There are only two NBA style arenas now - one in London (O2) and one in Berlin (02 World). There are some other pretty good ones, but we expect there will be more. And down the road there will be, I believe, an NBA division of teams playing in our league in Europe, but I'm not ready to give you a date when that would happen. It's more fun to speculate about it."

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