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Market Tips: Other Metals Will Follow Gold's Run

Global stocks rose on Wednesday, for the third day in a row, while gold trimmed gains but hovered near the all-time high of $1,043.45 hit on Tuesday. Experts told CNBC gold and its precious metal counterparts have higher to go.

Bullish on Bullion

Gold will continue to shine over the next year, believes Michael McCormick, asset manager at Belvedere Share Managers. He explains his bullish outlook on bullion.

Silver to Outperform

Silver will outperform, says Matt Zeman, trader at Lasalle Futures Group.

Bullish Medium-Term

Karl Eggerss, chief trader at is upbeat in the medium term but he says one should not confuse the current rally with a long-term bull market.

Upgrades in 2010 to Drive Australia

Earnings upgrades in 2010 will drive Australian markets higher, says Angus Geddes, CEO of Fat Prophets.

Long on Australia

The Australian market has more upside and "long" is the way to go, says Brett Cardamatis, client adviser at Patersons Securities.

Further Upside Seen for HK Markets

Alex Wong, director of asset management at Ample Capital sees further upside for the Hong Kong markets. He tells CNBC the Hang Seng Index could test 24,000 points.

Hot on Chinese Banks

Robert Howe, CEO of Geomatrix, likes Chinese banks because of their earnings profile and the strength of their balance sheets.

The Case for Cambodia

Cambodia is the most open economy in Southeast Asia, says Douglas Clayton, CEO of Leopard Capital. He outlines the other reasons why he likes Cambodia.

The Shift Towards Real Assets

The markets have gotten ahead of the economy, says Renee Haugerud, CIO of Galtere Limited. As such, she tells CNBC that we are in a major regime shift — from paper assets to real assets.