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Market is in a 'Sweet Spot' — Until Winter: Chief Strategist


The market won't retest its March lows, but it will turn choppy around January or February, said Joe Quinlan, chief market strategist at Bank of America.

Global Market Outlook

"We're in a sweet spot right now," Quinlan said.

"The global economy's much improved, the US is coming along, so right now I think a lot of investors are kind of rushing in to get the year-end peformance."

Quinlan recommended investing in emerging markets, but said investors should look outside of the BRIC countries.

More Market Wisdom:

Instead, they should look into Africa, the Middle East or Turkey, he said.

Asia also offers opportunities outside of China, in countries like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia — a good place for buying commodities

With the US' growing deficit, Quinlan advised investors to avoid Treasurys.

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Disclosure information was not available for Quinlan or his company.