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Market Tips: A Better Bet than Gold

Global stocks were up on Thursday after aluminum giant Alcoa reported its first profit in a year and gold hit a fresh record high at $1,058. Experts tell CNBC frontier markets hold a lot of potential and that platinum may be a better bet than gold.

Play Platinum

Platinum may be a better play than gold, says Jonathan Barratt, managing director at Commodity Broking Services.

Gold Could Hit $2,000

Gold rose to an all-time high of $1,050 on Thursday. Simon Rose, CEO of Dahlman Rose believes it has the potential to go much higher.

Gold's Allure

Buy gold-related stocks, says Jonathan Barratt, managing director at Commodity Broking Services. He speaks to CNBC about the allure of gold.

Last Leg of a Bear Market Rally?

Markets could be at the last leg of a bear rally, says Suzanne Murphy, head of strategic development at Claren Road Asset Management.

Bullish on Sri Lanka

According to Reuters data, the world's best performing stock market is Sri Lanka. Nirosh De Silva, managing partner at Leopard Capital reveals how best to invest there.

Investing in Frontier Markets

The frontier markets in the Eurasia region have a lot of potential, says Alisher Ali Djumanov, managing partner at Eurasia Capital Management.

Emerging Markets Decoupling From the West

Emerging markets are starting to decouple from the Western world, notes Frederic Neumann, senior Asian economist at HSBC.

Opportunities in Southeast Asia

Johan Bastin, CEO of CIMB-Standard Strategic Assets Advisors is cautiously optimistic on private equity opportunities in Southeast Asian countries.

The Declining Dollar

Until markets get a clear signal on the Fed's exit strategies, the dollar will continue to deteriorate, says Jack Bouroudjian, CEO of

More Upside Seen for the AUD

The Aussie dollar probably has a little bit more upside, predicts Olivier Desbarres, director of FX strategy at Credit Suisse. He tells CNBC that he sees the Aussie-dollar rising to $0.92 within the next three months.

Shift in Investor Sentiment

Matthew Hegarty, senior equities analyst at Global Value Investors has noted a change in investor sentiment towards the financial sector.

Road Ahead of US Automakers

The "Cash for Clunkers" program will cause U.S. automakers to struggle even more going forward, believes Jessica Caldwell, senior analyst at