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6 Ways to Invest in Health Care Reform


Worries over health care reform have caused the sector to be underowned, but there are still opportunities for investors looking to take advantage of the low prices, said Charles Boorady of Citigroup and Arthur Henderson of Jeffries & Co. (See their stock recommendations below)

Reform Plans Moving Forward

"Investors have been avoiding the health care industry because of the concerns...on health reform," Boorady said.

"When they discover that health reform means more money spent on health care, not less, we think money's going to come back to the sector."

Drug distributors are a particularly safe buy because reform will likely result in a higher volume of drugs being consumed, he said. What's more, these companies aren't at risk of being crowded out by the government.

"The government's not going to drive trucks of drugs around," Boorady said.

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Henderson said as the debate moves forward, the nation's growing deficit will likely cause the bill's price tag—and reach—to get smaller rather than larger.

"The devil will be in the details," he said, "but as we move forward, the challenges of getting a bill going to create a lot of deadlock."

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Express Scripts


Emergency Medical Services

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Boorady does not own any shares of the stocks he recommended.

Henderson does not own shares of the stocks he mentioned, but Jefferies recently acted as a co-manager in a follow-on offering of stock for Emergency Medical Services.