Top States For Solar Power


Solar Leaders

Photo: eSolar

The states that are generating the most power from the sun are not always the sunniest. A mix of cheaper modules, incentives and tax credits are creating vibrant solar markets in states you wouldn’t expect. TheInterstate Renewable Energy Council ranked the states based on cumulative solar capacity as of 2008. Here are the top ten as well as some recent solar developments in each state.

Posted Oct. 12, 2009

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10. Massachusetts

Photo: BusinessWire

Capacity: 8 megawatts

Constellation Energy is building a solar power system on the roofs of buildings at Patriot Place, the retail and dining area next to the New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium.

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9. Oregon

Photo: SMA Solar Technology AG

Capacity: 8 megawatts

The capitol building in Salem, Ore. has solar panels on its roof.

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8. Connecticut

Capacity: 9 megawatts

Several schools in the state have installed solar panels on their roofs.

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7. Hawaii

Capacity: 14 megawatts

La Ola Solar Farm, the largest in the country, opened earlier this year.

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6. New York

Capacity: 22 megawatts

Governor David Paterson announced Oct. 7, 2009 that $10 million in federal stimulus money was available to subsidize solar energy projects in the state.

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5. Arizona

Photo: Arizona Public Service

Capacity: 25 megawatts

Arizona Public Service is working on getting 280-megawatt plant, called Solana, built. The plant could power 70,000 homes.

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4. Nevada


Capacity: 34 megawatts

Completed in 2007, ACCIONA’s Nevada Solar One can power more than 14,000 homes every year.

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3. Colorado

Capacity: 36 megawatts

In 2007, SunEdison opened a 8.22 megawatt photovoltaic array in Alamoso, Colo.

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2. New Jersey

Photo: PSEG

Capacity: 70 megawatts

PSEG is installing 200,000 solar units on utility and light poles that will generate 40 megawatts of energy for the grid.

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1. California

Photo: eSolar

Capacity: 528 megawatts

eSolar’s 10-acre, 5-megawatt Sierra SunTower was completed this year and is expected to power 4,000 homes in Southern California.

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