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Ivanka Trump on Nepotism—Her Trump Card

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

Ahhhh, the Apprentice has indeed learned from her master and is becoming quite the self-promoter.

Ivanka Trump, the 27 year-old daughter of real estate mogul Donald Trump has taken full advantage of all her assets; being born into the lucky gene pool, access to money, power and players and now she’s out with a new book.

In, "The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life," the younger (and better looking) Trump writes about what she has learned from her privileged upbringing and offers advise to young women on how to focus at work, negotiate with conviction and passion and how to thrive in uncertainty.

Throughout the 241-page book, Trump serves up what she calls, ‘Bulletins from my BlackBerry." These bulletins are from a group of successful and well-known people she admires including hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, Arianna Huffington the cofounder and editor of the Huffington Post; Chairman and CEO of Loews Hotels, Jonathan Tisch; Cathie Black, president of Hearst magazines; and Chris DeWolfe, cofounder of MySpace.

Trump Card
Trump Card

Ivanka freely admits nepotism has played a huge role in her life but, "We've all been dealt a winning hand," Ivanka writes, "and it is up to each of us to play it right and smart."

And so far this titan in training is indeed playing it right - and smart.

Ivanka earned her corporate boots overseeing the construction of the new $450 million Trump Soho - a 46-story hotel condominium in downtown New York. The complex is set to open Feb. 1, 2010. She also recently launched her own high-end jewelry line, The Ivanka Trump Collectionwith a boutique on New York's Madison Avenue.

And in a tip to the ol' family tradition of "keeping it in the family," the head of that jewelry line designed Ivanka's 6-karat diamond engagement ring given to her by Jared Kushner, the 28-year-old owner of the New York Observer and fellow real estate mogul.

In "The Trump Card," she writes "The message I take in from the people who inspire me is that success isn’t something that happens to you; you happen to it." Sounds just like her father!

You can read an excerpt from the book here.

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