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Reinventing the Fan the Dyson Way

Sir James Dyson, a pioneer of bagless vacuum cleaners, wants to change the way you look at fans.

The Dyson Air Multiplier

Dyson's new Air Multiplier looks nothing like a conventional fan. Instead, it consists of a "loop" perched on a cylinder base that encloses its motor.

"Getting rid of the blades is really important because the blades cause buffeting on your face," Dyson said, in an interview on CNBC's "Squawk Box," where he demonstrated the appliance.

To watch Sir James Dyson demonstrate how the Air Multiplier works, click here.

The founder and chairman of Dyson said the design of the fan was inspired by work the company did when it created the Airblade hand-dryer. That device blows a thin stream of air at 400 miles per hour, scraping the water off your hands.

The Air Multiplier gets its name because it sucks in air and multiplies air 15-times to expel 119 gallons of air every second.

In addition, to providing more even air flow, the Air Multiplier also is safer than conventional fans because there no risk of anyone accidentally poking their fingers into a blade and getting injured, Dyson said.

The fan, which retails for about $300 for a 10-inch model and $330 for the 12-inch, will be available next January.

If that price tag seems a little rich, consider this: Dyson claims the fan uses one-fiftieth of the energy used to power an air conditioner.

According to Dyson, consumers are willing to pony up cash when they believe the product is worth the price tag.

"Our market share has gone up, although many fewer vacuum cleaners are being bought," Dyson said.

"I just think people are more careful in the recession. They look for things that last a long time, and that work well, and are built well, rather than just spending indiscriminately," he said.

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