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Gold, Oil and Cash: 2 Investment Advisors' Strategies


Should investors continue to pile into equities or should they stop and hold onto their cash instead? James Moffett, chairman of Scout Investment Advisors, and Charles de Vaulx, portfolio manager at IVA Funds, shared their best investment strategies.

“You should put your money to work in cash—nothing wrong with cash,” De Vaulx told CNBC.

“We have found a few things in the past two months among wireless phone companies around the world, but we’ve taken a lot of profits on equities and high-yield bonds in particular.”

De Vaulx said he has also lightened up on gold. “We feel the need to be very cautious after this huge run-up.”

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“Over the past two months, we have taken a lot of money off the table among cyclical stocks either in Europe or in Japan," De Vaulx said.

"Conversely, we’ve been putting money into more defensive names such as the wireless phone companies and food companies such as Nestle and Sodexho." He added that he’s still “comfortable” with oil unlike most other commodities that have run up too much.

Moffett said he is more optimistic about the market.

“The authorities have opened the monetary and fiscal spigots that’re driving the market and the economy will catch up with it, and so we’re fully invested and we’re comfortable with that,” he said.

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Moffett said he is overinvested in technology and is adding more weight in raw materials. “We’re way underweighted in financials and we’ve brought that back closer to 'neutral',” he added.

“We like oil—we’ve been adding to raw materials like steel and iron ore and more cyclical plays that we think will work for us,” he said.


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