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These Large Cap Tech Stocks Will Rule 2010: Portfolio Manager


Google, IBM and AMD are the next tech giants to report earnings after the bell on Thursday. David Eiswert, portfolio manager at T. Rowe Price Associates shared his insights on what to expect from the tech sector going forward.

Tech Earnings Preview

“The big trend has been a snap-back in the supply chain,” Eiswert told CNBC.

“You’ve seen that in Intel’s results and Xilinx, and solid companies putting up solid bounce-back numbers.”

Eiswert said IBM is a global services “powerhouse.”

“Xerox , Dell or HP , are trying to emulate the footprint that IBM has built globally—and that’s a unique asset [for IBM],” he said.

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Eiswert said in the mid- to long-term, large cap technology companies such as Google and IBM will offer innovation and globalization. “And that’s what next year’s going to be about—not so much about the bouncing back of the supply chain.”

He also expects a PC enterprise refresh sometime in the middle of 2010. “We think that shifts more toward enterprise next year simply because enterprise PCs are too old.”

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Eiswert’s firm owns shares of Apple, Google, IMB and Microsoft.