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3 Traditional ‘Best in Class’ Stocks: Chief Investor


Stocks slid at the open on Friday after two consecutive trading days of the Dow closing above 10,000. So where should investors be looking now? Kent Croft, CIO and portfolio manager at Croft Value Fund, shared his market strategy. (See his stock picks, below.)

Investing in Value

“The markets are up a lot since March and the perceived riskier names have had the biggest increase,” Croft told CNBC.

“But where we’re finding value these days is in some of the larger traditional growth names that are best in class—and are still selling at pretty reasonable valuations.”

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Croft said investors should adopt a “barbell-type approach” and expose their portfolios to the names that have "leverage to the continued improvement in the economy."

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Baxter International

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Croft owns shares of the CLVFX Fund, which owns shares of LOW, BAX, CSCO.