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Halloween Has Gone to The Dogs—And Other Emails


From the Funny Business email inbox this week...

About my blog on celebrating San Diego teachers(and being forced to buy a long gown),  Jeff J. combined his reaction to that with the blog on

"Keep your purple gown; don't banish it to the consignment shop. You'll need it for your next Emmy, for either the Dykstra interviews or (more likely) the Winkers jeans story...That aside, your 'bad customers' post reminds me of a current story here in Columbus: a woman offered to buy everyone clothes at a Burlington Coat Factory. She said won the lottery. She didn't. This story's a riot …literally." 

As for making Santa Ynez the visual focal point for my storyon wine, Jim C. writes:

"You have the story for Santa Barbara on target. But they grow so few grapes there that they don't count. If 100 percent of the grapes fell on the ground in that area, who would care? The local grower and no one else. Price of grapes in the San Joaquin Valley, where 85 percent of the state's grapes grow have doubled this year and sales at the value end are BOOMING. If you want to do a grape story, go to Modesto, not to Los Olivos."

By the way, here's a cartoon from Doug Pike inspired by the wine biz:

Source: Doug Pike

HR wrote in about the fat police failing:

"We have to keep this 'fat food' dialogue going. We are not safe anywhere. The temptations to snack and over-indulge are in places where you don't even expect it. Auto parts store-- entire front counter next to check out dedicated to fast food snacks. Big box home improvement store-- outside the front exit door is a snack shack selling grilled burgers and dogs. Big box toy store-- one entire row of shelves dedicated to high carb and high sugar pre-packaged snacks. Local bank lobby-- free popcorn and lemonade. I can go on and on. There is no escape from the temptation around every corner."

About the mystery of how the NoHo drink wrappersended up around a can of Red Bull,  Chad H. writes: "Jane, You seem credible enough…but you really didn't look into NoHo very professionally. I have tried it. It's real and very good. It works as advertised. It is not Red Bull nor is the Red Bull company involved in it in any manner. I hope and trust that when it is released and you can try it, you will then provide an truly credible story."

Finally, reader Jim A. apparently likes to dress up dogs for Halloween! And who wouldn't?! Here are some of his favorite photos:

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