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New High-Tech Rubik's Cube Features Electronic Touch Screen


Just in time for the holidays and its upcoming 30th anniversary, a new high-tech, touch screen Rubik’s Cube hits stores shelves this weekend.

The six-sided, 54-square electronic puzzle features sensors that change color when swiped by players’ fingers.

It also contains a motion-detecting accelerometer and an internal speaker that makes a flipping sound as the LED lights change color.

This is the most advanced version of the iconic device, which will retail for under $150. It is the second electronic Rubik’s Cube produced by TechnoSource, a privately-held toy company based in Hong Kong.

TechnoSource has licensed the Rubik’s Cube brand for all electronic editions of the device. Hasbro is the U.S. distributor of the original Rubik’s Cube.

Three hundred and fifty million Rubik’s Cubes have been sold worldwide since the toy was introduced in 1980. Over the years, it has inspired international competitions, instructional books and countless viral videos. The new computer-like cube is sure to inspire even more.

Demonstration of Rubik's TouchCube