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Mad Mail: Time for Holiday Plays?


Booyah Jim!: I have wanted to own some Cisco Systems as part of my mobile Internet tsunami portfolio, so would this be a good time to sell Starent Networks and let it roll over into CSCO? --Scott in Indiana

Cramer says: “Absolutely … I think your move is a great one.”

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Dear Jim: Do you still like Coinstar versus Netflix?  I heard an interview on Oct. 7 by NFLX CEO Reed Hastings. Hastings said streaming would exceed DVD within two years. Also, I heard Walgreen, which now carries Coinstar/Redbox kiosks will start carrying new DVD kiosks next year. I watch Mad Money every night and think you are the best analyst of the market I have ever seen! --Jeffrey in Florida

Cramer says: “I like Coinstar still, and Netflix is a good company. Remember, it was a split-the-difference [situation]. Reed Hastings is an excellent CEO.”

Mad Mail


Hello Jim Cramer: My confidence comes from watching your show. Could you start, maybe once a week, talking about your suggestions for "holiday" plays? What do we do to take advantage of what many expect may well be a surprisingly good holiday season? With the all hallows night coming, Turkey Day next month and then Christmas, I hope you can find time to mention holiday plays in your upcoming shows. It would give us Mad Money homegamers a jump on the crowd. --Carl

Cramer says: “One of the things I’ve been saying endlessly is that retail is on fire, and it’s going to be a good holiday season. People are starting to now come around to my view. It makes it more difficult when they come around to my view because then the stock’s are going to be bid up. I still like retail, but I’m not chasing it here because I’ve been liking it the whole way.”


Hey Jim: A big sunny booyah from Southern California. You are a guiding light for so many budding investors like me. I would like to ask you about Xerox. Do you still believe XRX has what it takes to be a winner? --Jha

Cramer says: “I’ve never thought that Xerox has what it takes to be a winner, and I would be a seller of Xerox.”

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